Taylor is the youngest of Jeri's 3 sisters; as the series begins, she and sister Rachel are frequent babysitters for Gabe.  Taylor is a funny, somewhat neurotic, and compulsively truthful young woman, who provides an important balance both in the increasingly tense life of her sister Jeri (as Jeri draws closer to the truth about Morgan) and in the difficult, haunted life of her autistic nephew.


Christine was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. After high school Christine spent her time between Europe and art history class. While attending art history classes in Vancouver, Christine tried acting for a hobby. Soon after, her hobby turned into a fulltime job and landed her roles in the movies: 40 days and 40 nights, 3000 Miles to Graceland, Intern Academy and Final Destination, among many others. She has also starred in numerous television shows, including The L Word, Mysterious Ways, Dark Angel and Andromeda. Christine is very proud of her contributions to the Canadian film and television industries and looks forward to her continued success.

In 2005, Christine received a Leo award nomination for her role in the Collector.

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