Gabe is the son of investigative reporter Jeri Slate -- eight years old as the series begins.  Gabe is an autistic mute, who somehow senses Morgan's re-birth as a force for good in the world. Each episode explores, a little more deeply, the nature of his mysterious connection to Morgan.



Aidan was obviously eager to see the world, as he was born 2 months early, on June 20, 1995.  In Aidan’s home, acting is a family affair, as both of his parents are professional actors, and his two younger sisters have also done some acting. At the age of 5, Aidan did a number of commercials for fun and decided he liked it.  

His first film role was a small part opposite William H. Macey in the critically acclaimed TV movie ‘Door to Door’.  He then played the lead in the UBC student film ‘Button’ by Jennifer Oey, which gave him a great deal of experience in front of the camera, and a good feel for how much work is involved in making a film.  At the age of 6, after many auditions, Aidan was very excited to be cast as the son of “the dad from Spy Kids”, Antonio Banderas , and to be kidnapped by “that Charlie’s Angels girl” Lucy Liu, in the Vancouver filmed action-feature ‘Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever’. He was thrilled to stay up late and watch cars blow up. A highlight for Aidan on this film, was meeting Darth Maul from Star Wars (Ray Park) and using glow in the dark sticks for a mock light saber duel! Try to get his friends to believe that one!

Another recent acting highlight for Aidan was filming a role in the TV movie ‘The Colt’, in which he got to feed and play with a real colt, and play with a huge, loveable dog, all the while kicking around on a fabulous western set. He has also done some voice over work for TV and radio commercials. One of Aidan's acting goals is to be the voice of cartoon characters like his dad.

As much as Aidan likes to talk and to sing, it’s different working on a character like Gabe from ‘The Collector” who has so much to communicate, but hasn’t been able to verbalize any of it.  Aidan has had a lot of fun working on the first two seasons of ‘The Collector’, and is learning a lot from the cast and crew.  He looks forward to finding out what Gabe might do or ‘say’ next.

Outside of acting, Aidan spends the majority of his time doing regular kid stuff, like school, and homework!  He loves music, dancing, swimming, singing, and playing with his friends and his two younger sisters.

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