When Morgan first meets her, Maya is a 22-year-old junkie and prostitute.  A bright, fragile and surprisingly well-educated kid from an upscale but abusive family, Maya has been on the streets since running away from home at age 17.  She provides the spark necessary for Morgan to recover his humanity and ask the Devil for permission to try to save the souls of his clients, and by the end of the first becomes Morgan's downstairs neighbour.  Their relationship will be a volatile and ambivalent one -- Morgan is, by turns, a protector, father figure, and love interest -- but under his care, she will finally kick heroin and start to heal her life.



Canadian actress Carly Pope got an early start with television movie and episodic work before landing the plum role of ‘Sam' on the WB series, "Popular". That series aired for two years and launched Carly into the public eye. Her profile soared in the United States and around the world as she was featured in major magazines including Maxim, Cosmo Girl and Teen.

After "Popular" was cancelled, Carly returned to her hometown of Vancouver, BC, where she has been based ever since. She continues to win new fans and impress industry insiders and the media with her insightful and sensitive portrayals. Leading roles in the Canadian independent feature, "Whitecoats," and the American MOW, "This Time Around," showcased her natural comedic talents and irrepressible energy. Her star turns in the CBC miniseries, "Hemmingway vs. Callahan," and the indie, "Various Positions" highlight her extraordinary range and romantic appeal. She has been described as "a top-notch professional with and international scope to her talents," and "an actor of the highest caliber despite her young years". Make no mistake about it, we have yet to see all that Carly can and will become.

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