Morgan Pym was born in Nuremberg in 1326 AD and raised in a monastery.  As an adult, he began to study science and medicine (such as they were then) and in doing so came into conflict with the Abbott who had trained him in the harsh flagellant tradition of devotion to God.  This conflict made Morgan vulnerable to falling in love with a local servant girl named Katrina; within a week Morgan had left the monastery and pledged to devote his life to her.  But that same day, Katrina came down with the Plague; Morgan tried and failed to save her with his medical knowledge, and ended up raging at God for what seemed like an unfair punishment.  In that moment the Devil appeared to him, and offered him a deal: 10 years of bliss with Katrina in exchange for his immortal soul.  

Morgan took the deal; Katrina miraculously recovered, and the two of them set off across Europe, deeply in love.  But in the last 48 hours of the decade, Katrina became ill again and died of the plague just as Morgan's deal came to an end.  When the Devil came to collect his soul, however, Morgan fought back, impressing the Devil with his courage and leading to a new deal: In lieu of eternal damnation, Morgan would help the Devil gather souls.  Morgan became, as he would later learn, the first Collector. 

Morgan spent the next six centuries tracking down "clients" whose deals were coming to an end, and offering them the choice of going to Hell two days early, or spending their last 48 hours on earth watching their lives implode -- as his had -- before their soul gets sucked down to Hell.  For Morgan, it's a cold, bitter existence, worsened by his sense of loss and guilt over Katrina's death.

As our series begins, however, Morgan meets a young girl named Maya who reminds him of Katrina, and is inspired to renegotiate his deal.  The Devil grants Morgan's request to help his clients seek redemption, and for the first time Morgan begins to have hope that one day he, too, might be redeemed.


Chris was born in Regina, Sask. After living in several different cities in Canada his family settled in Calgary. Chris was in college in Calgary when one day he awoke and decided that he wanted to become an actor. He was 21 at the time and dropped out of college that day and enrolled in The Company of Rogues Acting Studio in Calgary. Since then he has never looked back. Chris worked on various productions that were shot in Calgary and then moved to Vancouver to pursue his dream. He has since guest starred on numerous TV programs and pilots including Century City, The Chris Isaak Show, Just Cause and The Twilight Zone, as well as 2 movies of the week for Lifetime.


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