An investigative journalist for the Vancouver Star newspaper, Jeri is a smart, pretty and driven single mother. In the course of her work, Jeri crosses paths with Morgan Pym, and begins to discern a strange pattern among certain people connected to Morgan: several years of extraordinary success, followed by failure and sudden disappearance or death.  Throughout the first season, her investigation will lead her closer and closer to the truth about Morgan. 


The Toronto-born Ellen Dubin started her performing career as a ballet dancer. Due to a temporary knee injury, she began acting in theatre. Her stage credits include A Moon For The Misbegotten, A Chorus Line, A Servant Of Two Masters, and Tamara (the New York Circles' Award-winning production in Los Angeles and the World Stage Festival in Toronto). Ellen's TV and film credits include Never Too Late, LEXX, the Miramax/ABC miniseries A Wrinkle In Time, Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict, First Wave, Relic Hunter, Mutant X, Napoleon Dynamite (which screened at Sundance 2004), and the Bravo! television movie Murder 19C: The Detective Murdoch Mysteries - Except The Dying. Ellen divides her time between Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto.

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