Maya has been at the mercy of forces beyond her control all her life, and we see increasing evidence of this as the series progresses.  At a particularly low moment in the beginning of Season 2, she overdoses, and the Devil intervenes, putting her soul into a new body even as her old one dies.  This switch isn't quite as clean as the Devil might wish, however, and Maya continues to be haunted not only by visions of her "original" self as an adult, but also by the child that she was...




Four short years ago Sonya was pursuing a BSc in Forestry at the University of Northern British Columbia. However, while on a break from school and visiting Victoria she attended an acting workshop, and the direction of her life changed. The following week she was auditioning in Vancouver, and booking work. Four years in the acting world is a small amount of time, but this time for Sonya has meant guest starring, recurring and lead roles on shows such as Dark Angel, The L Word, Andromeda, Dead Like Me, Glory Days and many other MOWs and feature films including Thralls, House of the Dead, Fatal Reunion. Last year Sonya was nominated for a Leo Award for Best Lead Actress in a Feature Length Film for her role in the movie Firefight. Sonya is proud to be a part of the Canadian film industry and looks forward to many more years of continued success.

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