Thanks to all the volunteers and participants at the

Gatecon 2005
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Convention


The producers and cast of The Collector were there for panels and got to meet some Collector fans
as well as show clips from the series to those who hadn't seen us.

Chris Kramer on the Sunday photo-signing session:

"It was great, met a lot of fans -- it was just nice to meet people who really
enjoy the show, so i guess we're a hit!  Let's keep it going and get
into the States!"

Thanks also to Collector cast & guest stars for supporting the event:  Chris Kramer, Sonya Salomaa, Ellen Dubin, Aidan Drummond, Colin Cunningham, Andrew Jackson, Alex Zahara & Alan Peterson!

Gatecon has become Timeless Destinations -- for more info, click here.






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