Imagine if you actually were a Collector...

That's the promise of a new online game being created for The Collector Community by Vancouver New Media company iCAT Media Inc.

When the Game launches later on this year, visitors to this web site will be able to bring the show to life. After signing on and creating an online persona, each player will randomly become either a Collector or a Client for each round of the Game. Once they know their role, the players will engage in a Battle of Wits - a fiendishly difficult war of words in which an intimate knowledge of all things Collector will become a dangerous weapon.

The Collector will contact the Client to begin the Game. The Battle of Wits has begun. Each time a player gets a question right, the initiative switches to the other player ~ get a question wrong and your opponent gets Points. The game can last for up to 48 hours ~ just as a Client on the show has only 48 hours to save his or her soul. Players will be able to ask Gabriel for clues... but they may only get an enigmatic drawing for their trouble. Even Satan himself will get involved, so beware of his Trick Questions!

Here's the best part: you can play this game here on The Collector Community web site or... you can take it outside! Game play will switch seamlessly from the Online Gamespace to any SMS-equipped cell phone... just like the one Morgan uses on the show. So you can play the Game at work, at home or anywhere in between, live in real time!

Players will fight not only for the souls of the damned, but also for fantastic prizes from sponsors across Canada and beyond...

Stay tuned for more details on this diabolical online gaming experience!

    Actual screenshots of prototype, now being tested.



The Collector Community Web Site and Game is being developed by iCAT Media Inc with the support of The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund and CHUM TV Interactive


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